The Foundation Council

The Peer for Peer Foundation currently is composed of four founders. These include: Ian Grigg, financial cryptographer; Arthur Doohan, engineer and banker; Kostantinos Sgantzos, blockchain researcher and lecturer, and; André Bonello, researcher in the economic and social field.

Ian Grigg is a recognised inventor and one of the longest standing experts in the blockchain space. For over 25 years, he has architected significant fintech systems. In 1995, he pioneered the world’s first cryptographically secured digital cash and assets exchange. He is the inventor of the Ricardian contract- a way of expressing issuable and tradable financial obligations as a contract online. He co-invented triple entry accounting, a concept that does for events between firms what double entry accounting did to accounts inside the firm. He has worked with several notable initiatives ranging from protocols to smart platforms to enterprise solutions, including e-gold, EOS, Mattereum and R3 and Knabu. Ian dedicates his primary efforts to innovations in social savings and identity.

Arthur Doohan is an engineer by training, a banker by experience and an activist by choice. He took a joint degree in Engineering and Economics at Trinity College, Dublin just as Economics was morphing into a religion and personal computers were arriving on desks. A bit of a slow learner, he concluded after almost 2 decades of working in capital markets that banking was corrupt and corrupting and he left the City to pursue other opportunities. These have encompassed London residential redevelopment, a financial brokerage startup and a social regeneration program amongst others. During the GFC he worked on a mortgage remediation program that found financial but not political support in Ireland. He is a co-founder of ClampK, a London based anti-kleptocracy initiative of some notoriety and reasonable success. He has been collaborating with Ian Grigg for the last 6 years while also managing an innovative engineering hardware startup, a small Italian olive farm and a culturally challenging residential building project.

Konstantinos Sgantzos is an international lecturer and multi-lateral thinker who takes interest in philosophy and science. He studied Theoretical Physics, Biochemistry and Bioinformatics. Further fields of interest are research in genetic disease diagnosis & cure. He works as an environmental scientist in the power, oil and energy sector with focus on air pollution. Since December 2021 he is also a Research Associate with the Research Institute of Sciences and Engineering [RISE] at University of Sarjah, UAE. He further publishes on the topics of AI, Cellular Automata, Genetic Algorithms and Turing machines during his leisure time. A recently published article with Ian Grigg, “Artificial Intelligence Implementations on the Blockchain. Use Cases and Future Applications” spiked a lot of interest from his colleagues in the AI sector.

André Bonello is a soical policy officer and has been working in the social field for the past 11 years. Through his work in policy and research he strives to improve the lives of those individuals who are vulnerable in society. During his carrier he had the opportunity to observe poverty developments and analyze how people should live adequately in society. This was done through various studies such as the ‘Minimum Essential Budget for A Decent Living’ series and ‘European Minimum Income Network’ and a number of 'Poverty Watches'. Through the research conducted André came close to the equality and equity between different spectrums of society. This gave him the ability to put forward the knowledge acquired on various issues both in research and in public through seminars and presence on the media. He believes that everyone deserve a second chance to acquire the right opportunity for a better quality of life